Your Wealth Protection Specialists

Since 1983 I have provided planning expertise to business owners and families just like you, helping them identify points of vulnerability & points of opportunity within their unique plan.

"Life-events" can prevent "life-goals" from being fulfilled. A comprehensive plan for your security is what is needed. Estate and financial planning may seem daunting, but by using our proprietary software and communication strengths, you will understand everything that you have already, its value to you, deficiencies if they exist, and answers to coordinate everything into one holistic picture, finally!

➨Wealth Protection is the art of identifying points of opportunity and points of vulnerability, with the intent to address them successfully!

✔︎Our recommendations are concise, and presented in order of your importance, not ours!
✔︎We are product-agnostic; our value is in the planning to identify vulnerabilities & opportunities.
✔︎We then offer multiple solutions that correlate with your ability to afford them.
✔︎Term & Permanent Life Insurance, Disability & Critical Illness, and Retirement Solutions.
✔︎Established. Friendly. Reliable. Responsive. Since 1983.

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Are you retirement ready?

I was particularly impressed by the excellent sense of responsibility you demonstrated in the way you handled the higher amount of my first year’s insurance premium required. I am truly grateful for the work you have done in settling this matter.
— Mrs. V. L. Client

I thank you very much and you deserve accolades for the cheque arriving at the time of our meeting with our advisor. This process has been very emotional for me as it is a reality that I no longer have my parents. Even though I am older and had my parents for many more years than some people do, it is tough; however only to get better with time. In the meantime I am very grateful and appreciative of those who have assisted us, in ease, for this process to go smoothly. Again, thank you very much for everything and enjoy the rest of your Summer.
— JD

Dan is creative and a well-educated Estate and Financial Planner. He is very productive, often handling multiple cases at once. We have found him to be an inspiring strategist, and his expertise in this area has helped our team move beyond sales to offer a deeper wealth management experience to our clients.
— JR, Investment Advisor
Our team wholly embraces comprehensive wealth management through investment management, financial planning and estate planning. Dan’s expertise and experience with insurance is a great addition to our complete services offering with his risk management analysis. His services provide many opportunities that promotes growth within our business and encourages stability in relationships with our clientele. He is responsive, professional, and courteous in all client service he has undertaken on our behalf.
— AT Certified Financial Planner

Dan did a great job with {our clients} yesterday afternoon. I believe It was their third meeting with Dan, and my second with them.

I really like Dan’s patient and thorough approach. We were in the room for 2.5 hours while going over every detail and question that {our clients} could possibly ask.

The financial planning process made this decision “easy” for {our clients}. Every point came back to what the plan clearly laid out as a requirement for their goals.

I really enjoy working this way, as I have for most of my career. It’s a pleasure to work with Dan through the planning process and deliver true value to our clients.
— RH, Investment Counsellor