Employee Benefits

Would you like to have a plan where you knew within a small margin what your costs for years in advance will be?

Employers and employees tire of the never-ending escalation of costs for Employee Benefits Plans that they implement to retain and attract employees. There are reasons for these escalating costs that you may never have been made aware of, but you do have options!

At Interact Financial Design Services Ltd. we can help you develop, implement and monitor retirement and benefit plans that suit the needs of your business and your employees. Using our unique approach to Employee Benefits, we can start saving your business and employee’s money, while maintaining employee satisfaction due to increased flexibility we provide in the design of our blended rate plans.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out why you’ve been paying too much for too long, and what you can do to arrest those costs. You won’t be disappointed when you see our approach to Employee Benefits design.

Employee Benefits Plans & Compensation Structures

What would work best for you and your corporate success, personal security, and for your employees’ future financial security?

Would it be a Group RRSP, DPSP, DC Pension, or an IPP….or perhaps a Retirement Compensation Arrangement?

Use our expertise in this area to help develop tax-efficient solutions for your unique requirements and financial security!

Estate Planning

Would you feel more at ease if you had a plan that provides effective solutions to the problems of excess taxation, estate preservation, as well as business succession?

Effective estate planning requires both the right vehicles such as trusts, wills, insurance, and optimized corporate structure combined with the prudent selection, balance and placement of investments.

By drawing from Interact Financial Design Services Ltd.’s extensive experience with tax, trust and planning solutions we can help ensure your goals are accomplished.

Retirement Planning

Are you on track for your “Great Escape?” 

Our ability to help you quantify your progress toward what may be some of the best years of your life, the ultimate pay-off for your decades of hard work, will surprise and please you in its accuracy, while remaining brief.

For years we have been vocal critics of our industry’s tendency toward 30, 40, even 50 page plans that do little more than complicate your view of your future. Let us provide you with an elegant, brief and comprehensive plan for your financial focus in as little as four pages, while still meeting the requirements of the Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada requirements for financial and retirement plans.

Whether you are early in your career, starting to contemplate retirement or already retired, we can help ensure you have the resources you need for the retirement lifestyle you want. We offer a comprehensive range of retirement planning services and savings options to help with planning your retirement. In addition, we can assist you in developing your overall financial plan to achieve specific goals through targeted tools, including individual pension plans, traditional RRSPs and TFSAs.

Succession Planning

Need help with your exit strategy?

Experts say that a successful exit strategy should be implemented five or more years before you wish to retire.

Whether you need assistance with valuing your business, assessing the tax implications, positioning your company for sale, or investment banking, Interact Financial can help.